Monday, August 26, 2013

Under Pressure

Nothing like a little Queen for your Monday!
This weekend, we used some pressure to our own advantage. Scott's parents came down with his brother and brought their pressure washer. You could say we had a....BLAST! (Get it?!)

Scott was able to pressure wash the front walkway back to it's original clean gray. It's amazing how dirty the outside of your house is, but it's difficult to notice until you actually start cleaning it.

When he finished, it made us want to pressure wash everything! We dragged out a project that we have been working on in the garage that is made of wood from the backyard. At first, the wood looked like this.

But after getting washed, it almost looked like new!

And then we decided to hit the deck. Well, more accurately, the back patio. It was amazing how it transformed in half an hour of time.

Left side: Not Washed, Right side: Cleeeeeeean!

We knew that the patio was dirty. We had tried sweeping it and spraying it down with just the regular hose, but after pressure washing, it really gave it a deep clean. We didn't realize how red the pavers were until we pulverized the dirt from a couple of them. Scott's dad shimmied our really heavy umbrella so I could get underneath it, and then we let it dry.

There was dirt flying everywhere! Pressure washing cleans surfaces with just water, but actually DOING the pressure washing is quite the dirty job in itself.

Now that the patio is dry, it's a much cleaner, more comfortable place to spend time, especially barefoot.

Or bare pawed.

We would probably never purchase a pressure washer, but the ability to use one every couple of months makes a huge difference. Is there anything you do to your house only a couple of times a year that makes all the difference to you?

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  1. From Dad: The wood bench looks great, and i am glad you are going to paint it with good outdoor paint because the pressure wash will open up wood pres and can make the wood vulnerable to water damage. We just can't wait to see it all live and in person!