Tuesday, September 3, 2013

In Living(room) Color

Our living room was in need of some love. Before we moved in, it looked like this.

The hunter-green, popcorned walls were dark and a little depressing during the day, so we knew we wanted to go with something a little lighter and brighter for our main entertainment space. What added some extra fun to the situation was that the original side of the house, Bedford stone and all, was actually still exposed into the living room as well.

So we decided to go with one of the lighter colors in the stone itself so that the room felt more cohesive. We settled on Behr's Tuscan Beige and grabbed two gallons. We also decided to try out a texture-friendly roller brush for the bigger parts of the wall. Aside from the amount of splatter that comes off of it (as well as the amount of paint it soaks up like a sponge), it's a good call for larger, trickier areas.

While we painted, we ran into a couple of issues. First, we do not yet have a ladder tall enough to reach the "vaulted" portion of the ceiling. No worries, though. I McGyvered together something that reached most of the taller areas. It looked a little something like this.

Yes, that's duct tape.
It allowed me to really get into the cracks where the ceiling was in the taller parts of the room. Unfortunately, it's not amazingly accurate, so it was only good because the light beige and the white aren't in stark contrast, but it was still helpful in covering a lot of that green.

When the living room was amply covered in Tuscany-from-a-can, we then took a step back and took in the progress.

No clue as to what was on TV, by the way. Probably HDTV, though.

It was looking good. The color helped light the room more equally and made it feel much bigger. Unfortunately, it was a little too light for behind the TV. We realized that having a darker color behind the TV really helped make the room feel cozy and helped anchor the space. At the recommendation of Beth, I whipped out my $5.00 can of blue/grey paint and started a sample patch behind the screen itself.

That is definitely HDTV....

I really liked how it was turning out, so by time Scott got home from work, most of the wall had been completed. It was pretty easy and covered really well because it's a dark-over-light color.

Unfortunately, not even my high-tech brush on a stick technique was accurate enough to edge to the ceiling, so we are going to have to get a bigger boat...erm...ladder. It will be finished soon, though, and just in time, too, since the ceiling fan is now showing it up!

Today is a two blog post day! Huzzahs all around!

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