Monday, August 5, 2013

Knob Creek

No, not the bourbon. It's pretty descriptive of our Saturday, though.

We loved the color of the walls in the front room/hallway, but there was something still making it look a little odd. Besides the fact that the door at the end of the corridor is actually on a slant, we realized that what was throwing us off was that none of our door handles matched.

There was a mish-mash of different finishes and styles on every door which make it looks a little slap dash. Thankfully, this was easily fixed.

First, we pulled all of the handles off of the doors in the hallway and the french doors in the livingroom. Then, using my trusty IKEA sofa box in the garage, I laid everything out on the floor so I could give them a new life.

One side of the door handle sat flat on the cardboard with no issue, but the other side of the handle has a protruding portion that activates the mechanism inside the door. Because I was spray painting and wanted even coats, I had to make sure that the handle was exposed all the way around. I ended up using one of our old moving boxes and just poking the protruding part of the handle into the box with the handles themselves sticking out. It turned out like this.

Then I grabbed some of this.

And did some of this.

We also wanted to take down the light in the hall and paint it to match. Unfortunately, upon further review, the light that was there wasn't in great shape. The glass globe no longer lined up with the sides of the mount. In fact, the globe was butted up against the light bulb itself, making it a bit dangerous. It doesn't help that the whole thing was literally held together by a small nut.

I had to get another can of Oil Rubbed Bronze anyway, so we swung over to the lighting aisle and picked up a new light for just $10. This one is the same style, but uses two bulbs for more light and has an oil rubbed bronze finish already.

So Scott took down the old light.

I put the old light in the new light's box, just to keep the pieces together.

And I put a light coat of the oil rubbed bronze paint on it, so the sheen matched the door handles.

Then Scott lined it up with the two existing holes from the previous light and used the included diagram to hook up the wires (Don't worry, we turned off the power using both the switch and the breaker before doing this step).

We then put all of the door handles back on the doors. It's amazing how little changes can make your house feel so much more grand.

(I just need to put another coat on the edging at the top. The yellow just won't die!)


In other news, we are getting our brand new roof today! They delivered the materials on Friday and are going to try to do the entire install today, so we're excited! This little guy was hanging out on the shingles and he seemed pretty excited, too! You could say he's 'said a little prayer' for us!

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