Friday, August 16, 2013

The Bucket List

Time for a quick project for your weekend!

First, go to Target and purchase a giant tub. Ours only had blue, so that's what I got. Beth pointed them out to me at........$3.04! DONE!

Be sure to show off your awesomeness to your significant other.

Then, grab your tools. You'll need some painters tape, a magic marker, and a couple pieces of paper.

Fold the paper into the desires triangle size. Then hold it against the tub and mark with the marker. Because my pattern was made of straight lines, I just marked the corners and made the lines with the tape itself.

Then be sure to cover the top of the tub so you don't get it all misted with the extra paint. I would usually say use a trash bag, but since we didn't have any (Oops, need to go to the store!), I used some plastic wrap instead. Tape all around the top. Also be sure that you cover the stripes you want to stay blue with paper so that they don't get painted as well. Retreat outside.

Use some Rustoleum for Plastic (In whatever color you choose) to give the tub a light coat. Slowly build up the coats until you get some sweeeeet coverage over your pattern.

I then let mine dry for half an hour before pealing the paper. To get it to dry quicker, I hung it from my Drying Tree. It really is! It has the perfect branch to let things hang from so that they dry quickly. It's pretty swell.

After pealing the tape, I could see that my lines weren't perfect, but to be honest, who cares?! It's an outside tub that will hold sodas and beer! It absolutely helps brighten up our little outdoor space, though.

The entire project took me half of the movie Moby Dick: 2010 to complete (So less than 40 min. Thanks SyFy!). It's just one of those fun projects for when you're feeling antsy. I hope this inspires you to grab a bottle of spray paint and start making your outdoors yours!


  1. This is totes adorable! I always peel off my stencils while the paint is still wet to avoid unwanted paint peel-age. I don't know if that was your issue or not. But yes, adorbs.

  2. I usually peel while it's wet, but this time the paint seemed to stick so well that I wasn't as worried about it.