Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tom Cruise is in the Closet

Aside from South Park references, there really WAS something terrible in our closet. More pink.

I'm guessing that it was painted pink to match the "Girls Bathroom" that is across the hall. Since I have temporarily made life better for the guest bathroom, I figured I would really make the hall feel the love, too, by also taking the closet on as a quick project.

First, I took out all of the shelves and the previous owners leavings (a black bra and some perfume, ooh la la!), then painted the inside of the closet the same muted green as the front room/hallway area. This really helped to tie it into the space, but is neutral enough to not make our linens look dirty in the reflected light.

Then it was time to tackle the shelves. The shelves themselves weren't in terrible shape. They're solid wood and they fit the space well, so I just wanted to spruce them up a bit.

After ripping off all of the heart shelf liner (why is there different shelf of this house?!), I put some of the white sticky shelf liner from the kitchen cabinets on them. They looked so good! I went to place them in the closet with high hopes of quick accomplishment when...

Womp womp. The wood sides of the shelves looked reeeeally out of place. I tried to cover them with more shelf liner, but the sides of the boards wouldn't accept the adhesive because they had been polyurethaned. Instead, I grabbed my trusty craft brush again and hand painted all of the exposed boards so they would match (I say "hand painted" to make it sound like work, but it really wasn't at all. Super duper easy). After three coats of the white paint and filling it up with stuff, we were left with this.

It may not seem like a big deal to most people, but getting out clean linens that look clean from a clean looking closet is actually something I think us apartment dwells take for granted (at least at our apartment I did!). The entire project, if I hadn't been lazy, would probably have taken me an hour and a half. It also took $0. We already had the shelf liner, the paint for the walls (Same as the hallway), and paint for the shelves (Same as the upper cabinets in the kitchen).

Do you have any weird little projects that just made your space feel better? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I love your energy and desire to get the little things done to make the house more your own and more livable. When we move, I hope you are available to come help Mom and I while we try to settle in.

  2. I'm having redo withdrawls! Can't wait to have some projects to do again!

    1. Mick - I see a HGTV show here. the Traveling Project Helper. Need help on your weekend projects? painting, roman shades, vegetable garden, jumpstart your quilt, etc.