Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It's Kind of Like The Teselecta

Which, if you don't watch Dr. Who, is a human sized robot with little people in it that can shapeshift. It essentially puts up a false front, which is kind of what our kitchen is doing right now.

After starting with something like this:

We are now living with something a little more like this:

Which is certainly an upgrade if I've ever seen one! We loved being able to paint it and make it our own. The only issue came with actually using our kitchen. With the cabinet doors off and everything exposed, it was more difficult to use the kitchen to actually cook in, so I decided to jump the gun a bit and put the doors back on. The problem?

The insides of our cabinet doors aren't done! Oops! Honestly, you can only tell if you, ya know, open them, so it's not that bothersome. We are planning on finishing them, too. I've needed a break from painting lately though (I'm having some pain in my wrist. Wonder if that has ANYTHING  to do with all the painting I've been doing?!), so we just moved on to another step.

You'll notice that the outside slat of each door HAS been painted. Well, knowing what a pain it is to paint around details, I put down a coat quickly before we added some much needed accessories. First, we put all of our door handles on! I went to the Target in Hamburg Pavilion (Woo, Lexington! Two Targets!) and they had exactly three boxes left of our handles! Score!

Beth and I took an hour to install them and boy, do they really make the place feel fancy. Since there were no door handles at all on the cabinet fronts before, we didn't need to fill any holes before painting, too, which made the process that much better. I like how they look on the top cabinets, but I looove how they look on the bottoms even better.

I think it's also because those were the trickiest to open without handles anyway.

We also realized how loud our cabinets closed. It then occurred to us that we had to take off all of the door bumpers to paint them, so we found some cork replacements at Home Depot and now closing a door doesn't mean echoing a slam through the house each time.

So we're looking pretty good (aside from our hidden, unfinished shame). We even painted the walls the same color as the front room. I discovered that since the light in the kitchen was different from the front room (Tungsten vs. Natural light), that it came off much more green than grey in the kitchen. I got bored, grab a brush, and just started painting. Scott even said that he liked it because it just looks like it was, "always supposed to have been that color", which I'll take as a positive!

Unfortunately, the nice looking cabinets have brought to our attention the rest of our list of things we would like to do to the room.

Counter tops- We would love to replace them with something nicer, especially since ours are worn, tarnished, and stained (And don't go with the new do, yo).

Floor- We currently have the tile-by-tile type vinyl flooring, which wears well, but isn't the most attractive. I don't want to say it's ugly, but I will say that it matches the counter tops! We have found a different type of affordable vinyl flooring that is a little nicer that fits with both the style of the kitchen and our budget. It comes in individual planks and is supposed to wear almost as well as laminate flooring. It also comes in a nice dark wood finish which will really make the rest of the kitchen pop!

Don't even get me started on the corner next to the fridge. We are currently using some old wire shelves that we had at the apartment to hold our microwave and some of the other larger and more awkward kitchen supplies, but I would love to replace it with this.

So that it no longer looks like this.

So much to do, so little time.

Speaking of time, we are still having our roof put on. The roof over the main house is finished (Huzzah!), but the addition is causing some additional problems. Har har. When it's finished, you'll have to come back, gawk at pics of our new beautiful roof, and hear my tale of woe, weather, and water leaks.

Till then, have a great week!


  1. I think your counters look much better since you painted the walls. They look less meh now that they don't match the walls.
    Also, I have a general blog suggestion. Make your pictures bigger. They feel a bit small now.
    See you in like, 20 minutes!