Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Taking Care of Some Dirty Laundry

As much as we love our kitchen, there is still something haunting us from around the corner. The laundry room.

It peeks around the corner at us and taunts us with it's horrible tan/yellow walls and outdated teal cabinets. Thankfully, it does have a window, but it's obscured by all of our laundry detergent (which need to find a new home), so the only light in the room comes from a blob of unstylishness hanging from the ceiling.

Sunday afternoon I decided to tackle this as a quick project. Scott took down the metal cabinets on the far wall (which we are going to use in the garage as storage), and that already helped by 150%. I then found some white paint in the stockpile that the previous owner left behind and slapped it on the walls. It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do in a room that initially looked so dirty.

I then remembered seeing a light that I had pinned. I had been wanting to make it, but wasn't sure what room it would look best in. I realized that since it doesn't have a shade, it would be a nice addition to the dark laundry room. I followed the tutorial and had it done in about 20min. (It was so easy to make, I want to make another one for somewhere else in the house, or even the back porch!). I gave it a quick spray with some oil rubbed bronze that I had left over and we put it up. So far, the room was looking so much cleaner and a much better place to clean laundry in.

But the space needed something. I found a gallon of a nice dark gray/blue color at Lowes for $5.00 and decided to make a bold statement. Stripes. I measured 11" from the ceiling, marked out where I wanted them to go, then started taping. After one good coat of paint, I peeled the tape (while the paint was still wet for the best lines). Sooooo satisfying.

After making my two top stripes, I then decided on two slightly smaller ones for the bottom of the room, to add some interest. I really like how it turned out.

Eventually, that back wall is going to have open shelving for our laundry detergent, and I would love to find some cute art to go on the striped wall, but for now, it's just nice to have a room that isn't gross looking.

What makes it feel even better is that David and Scott put the pendants light up in the kitchen!

They are dimmable and woooooonderful! We love them. They make the room feel both cozy and functional!

Together, the rooms looks leaps and bounds better than the day we moved in.

Nothing like a short project to make you love your house more. Have you ever done a project in a day that makes you not dislike a room?

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  1. That before and after is blowing my mind! I can't wait til you get your corner shelves up.