Friday, February 14, 2014

Spray and Pray

With the weather being so bad, I have had a lot of cabin fever, especially on the project front. I can only work on things INSIDE the house because it's so gross or cold or snowy outside. Yesterday I decided that a nice quick garage project would help get me ready for the (hopefully) upcoming spring season.

If you'll remember my Halloween post about How To Make A Spooky Centerpiece, we have these two candlesticks from Goodwill that were barely used and were originally from the Target Home Collection.

I have been using them in their original black color to hold some candles around the house for a while, but year round, black doesn't work. They just aren't as cheery as I would like them to be. That's when it occurred to me that I had been in a 'black is dreary' situation before and had solved it with a little bit of teal spray paint.

I wasn't entirely sold on it yet, hence the title of the blog. The nice part is that if I didn't like how they turned out, I could always prime them and paint them with yellow or green later on. I went ahead with the 'dog gone' plan.

First, they were cleaned.

Then primed.

Then lightly sprayed.

Then sprayed one more time and upside-down for good coverage. When they were done, the whole project cost $0, but really made these sticks look like they were ready for a new season.

Even though the picture is at night, you can see how it helps welcome people into the kitchen, too.

So I'd call this a win. Now I'm just looking forward to all the other things I can do when the weather heats up, like painting the entry bench, maybe making a new dining table for the porch, and of course, re-seeding where the raised beds were last year.

Till then, I suppose I'm stuck inside with a bad case of cabin fever. The only cure is more cowbell and some spray paint!

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