Monday, October 21, 2013

Halloween Romance

Halloween is probably my favorite holiday. It's dark, spooky, and can be goofy all at the same time. I remember putting together a haunted house with my youth group in London, KY and giving people spooky tours. I loved the Fall Festival with the silly prizes we could win, like witch fingers and wax lips. What I loved most, though, was decorating the yard with gravestones and lights that really made the lawn haunted.

This year, we really haven't done much to the outside of the house. We feel like outdoor decorations are things that are built up over time, not all purchased or made at once, so we aren't as focused on them right now. For the inside, though, I felt that I needed to make something to set the spooky mood that our new table (which will be delivered next Wednesday, yay!) needs for the holiday season.

Here is what you need for a centerpiece that has both an impact and gives your wallet a break. Notice that all the images in this post are in CREEP-O-VISION!

I started with a $2 charger from WalMart, some spider webbing, some creepy critters, and the two candle sticks. I began by spray painting my charger black. If you can find just a black charger or a black plate that you wish to use that makes it a little easier, but I liked the idea of a charger because I knew I can dedicate it to this every year and it wouldn't cost very much.

The candle sticks I actually picked up for $1.50 each from Goodwill. The best part is that they are actually from the Target Home collection, so I can use them year round and stay stylish, even after the trick-or-treaters have gone to bed. Goodwill actually might have a couple of the items you need for this project (the charger, the candlesticks, maybe even the candles!), so check them out.

The critters I picked up were two crows and two giant spiders from the dollars store. They also had bugs and mice, so you can really play around with your props when you are putting it together.

Begin by setting your candlesticks on the charger. They don't have to fit perfectly. Things that are a little wobbly or a little off make it just a little creepier, so I didn't mind that the bases for the candlesticks didn't fit perfectly inside the lip of the charger. Then, take some of the spider web and wrap it around everything. Keep it pretty thin so you don't overdo it. It's okay if the candle sticks poke through it a bit, but I liked having it catch some to add depth.

I would also recommend not gluing anything in place. This allows you to change it up every year and move things around easily. As long as you remember to keep the spider webbing under the fire sources (i.e. candles), you'll be okay. DO NOT spread the web OVER any candles. That's how you end up with a fire hazard.

Next, I added in a skull candle that I actually picked up last year on sale at Kroger. It promises to 'ooze' when it's lit, so I'm liking the effect that it ads to the piece. I have him looking off to the side so it fits better on the plate, but also so that everything isn't lined up. Remember, imperfection is key!

When you get to this point, it's time to add your critters. I decided that my little bird looking off to the side would really work well next to the skull. It's a little Poe, yes, but isn't he kind of the big-headed-king-of-creepy?

Then, much like with a flower arrangement, you have to add in details all around so that it looks good from all directions. I spread a couple of spiders and mice around the back of the piece so keep it textured. You could also work in some black roses or fake flowers depending on the look you're going for (just keep them away from any flame!).

I finished it all off with some short pillar candles and bam! I've got a totally scare-tastic centerpiece to give you chills. I'm really liking the way it came out and I can't wait to put it together a little different next year!

Just in case you are getting tired of CREEP-O-VISION, here it is in the slightly less creepy black and white.

Now, you might be asking, "But Cait, you had two ravens. Where did the other one go?". I'm glad, you asked, reader of the interwebs. I actually ended up giving him a roost on the new drum lamp shade. He seems pretty happy up there, too.

What is your favorite part of Halloween? Any plans for some awesome costumes this year? Let me know in the comments!

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