Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lack of Communication

I have recently started a board on my Pinterest that is completely dedicated to the blog here that you can follow for all of the recent posts. While I was going through and pinning all of the old blog posts one by one, I realized that I left my readers at a bit of an open-ended post about our living room. The last thing you guys saw was this picture.

This was supposed to be followed up by the final picture of our living room, completely painted and ready to go. Unfortunately, it took a while for us to get up to that corner of the room because it involved a ladder which we did not have at the time.

Realizing that this has happened, allow me to convey my deepest apologies.

To right that wrong, allow me to introduce, the finished living room wall!

You might recognize the deer head from this post a couple of months ago. (And yes, in case you were wondering, my eyes do often wander over to the stag head. He's still so cute!) Now he has some friends! 

Along with the fact that our TV viewing is now way more comfortable than it was with the tan wall behind it, the nice contrast that the other white objects have on the wall really balance out the dark TV and media center. My little white whale even makes it into the mix somewhere so that he is usually silhouetted by the dark blue. And remember, this wall color cost less than $5 because it was in the 'oops bin' at Home Depot!

Filling the frames are just large scale images I found online (under the creative commons rule) that I had printed at Staples for around $2 (it was a while ago, so I don't remember the specific cost, but it was absolutely less than $5). I decided to try out the rumor on Pinterest about being able to get engineering prints and it was totally true! Worth it! They are black and white originally, so that helped, but the line quality is amazing. The paper is a little thin, but once it's behind a frame, you can't tell anyway. The frames, of course, were just refurbished Goodwill frames. You know I don't buy new! All of this framed art cost less than $15. Score.

You also may have noticed that the furniture has been rearranged a little. I decided to move Scott's leather chair and my over-sized chair together so that they could keep each other company on the other side of the room. The table they share was $10 at the ReStore.

(After I moved them, I realized how much this configuration reminds me of my Grandma and Grandpa O's House (except for the massive ceiling to floor bookshelves behind their chairs)!)

We really like how open the room feels with them over there. We moved the couch and end table right up against the wall on the other side and we might be getting a couch from Beth and David (who are replacing it with an amazing grown-up sectional from Macys), that will go on the opposite wall. We will have PLENTY of seating, which is something in short supply in a household where we frequently have from 5-12 people trying to watch a movie at one time. Remember, we don't even have kids yet!

All in all, I know the changes you've "missed" haven't been huge, but they have made a big impact on how we use the space. We recently acquired a Kinect from a generous Uncle and now are able to simply move the coffee table to get our Xbox skiing and bowling on. It's amazing how much just moving a couple of things around can really help the flow of a room.

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