Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Done Except for the Bow

After painting our bedroom, the blank wall by my side of the bed really stuck out as a place that needed a little something. I ended up just taking the 'dorm' mirror that we had leaning against the wall, painting it white, and hanging it horizontally across the top of the dresser.

Then I remembered a really cute idea on Pinterest (of course) for a super cute jewelry holder on the blog Lemonade Makin' Mama that would fit the space perfectly.

I realized that I already had a dowel that was just hanging out in our garage, so I just grabbed a small wood sheet from Michaels (with coupon, of course) and a couple of hooks from Home Depot and made my own through trial and error rather than following the tutorial. The entire project cost less than $10!  Her tutorial is much more in depth, but if you just want a quick visual aid, here is what I did.

I really love the result, though.

I swear I just cleaned that mirror!

It fits perfectly right below the mirror, which is at my height so I can actually use it for getting ready (not that I really go places, lol).

I ended up using 10 hooks, plus the two hooks that hold the arrow itself (which you can also hang stuff on).

The cool thing about this to me, is that it not only shows me what jewelry I have (which is usually tucked away in a closet), but it also acts as a nice piece of unexpected art.

It does put the dresser to shame, though. Don't worry, he's on the list of furniture renovations I want to do this summer. I'm thinking a bright color like yellow or red would really make him stand out. What do you think? I would have to say NOT a cool color!

Let me know what you think in the comments! Happy Tuesday!

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