Tuesday, September 3, 2013

We're Big Fans...

...of our new fan!

My brother came into town this weekend for his (gasp!) 30th birthday and the Fest Of Ales here in downtown Lexington. He walked into the house for the first time, saw the living room, and realized that the fan was a little lack luster right away. He wasn't being judgmental...it really was, see?

It blended in with the ceiling and was also far too small for the large room that it was supposed to be cooling. We briefly considered doing two fans (because of the size of the room), but soon decided that the effort (and cost) was lost on us and a general upgrade would be just fine. The old white fan was only a 42 in, which is a size normally used in bedrooms, so we knew that we were looking for something in the 52 in. range. We ended up coming home with this guy.

The ELEVATION (Who names this stuff?!). We liked the fact that it wasn't too dark for the room, but wasn't white. We also enjoyed the modern style, dark or light wood options for the blades, and the fact that it came with a remote.

We then proceeded to take down the old fan. It was slightly more difficult than originally anticipated, but after having your arms above your head while standing on a step stool for a while, any amount of time is going to seem more difficult.

First up, we installed the base portion of the new fan.

We used a small down-rod because even though we do have a tall ceiling, it's not tall enough to warrant the longer extension. After we had it wired, mounted, and in place, it was then time to decide: light or dark wood.

Sorry about the terrible picture. Also, our carpet is gray, not brown. Like I said...bad picture...

After a bit of thought, I decided on the lighter wood. The darker would probably match more of our furniture in the living room, but the lighter wood looks much sleeker against the white ceiling, so the decision was made.

Honestly, it's exactly what the room needed. Thanks to the Bro and his housewarming gift, we not only have a fan that actually works and is the correct size for the room, but something that adds some style to our little living space.

Still working on that accent wall, yeah.

How awesome! Have you ever added an element that really completed a room? Let us know in the comments!

This week I'm working on the guest bathroom more, so make sure you check for updates!


  1. Since you've been talking about fans, I've been looking at our living room fan and wishing I had put a little more thought into the style when we replaced it a few years ago. It is so not what I would pick anymore!

  2. I've just got to say, a fan with 3 blades is totally messing with me! I don't think I've ever seen one before! We have a fan with a remote and it's pretty awesome!