Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wrap it Up

As we all know, the worst part of moving is packing all of our things. Not only is it time consuming, but it also brings to light just how much STUFF you have! I've been working for a couple hours a week for the past couple weeks (since our offer was accepted on the house) wrapping, taping, donating, and generally trying to organize our things into a transportable pile for the new house.

Scott and I met, grew to know each other, and got engaged over craft beer. It's kind of our thing. One of our rituals for a couple of years involved going to Pazzo's Pint Night, a place right next to the University of Kentucky (where we both graduated). This event took place every Wednesday and involved one pitcher and two unique glasses for a specific craft beer that they would have on tap. The glasses were yours to bring home with you when you finished the pitcher. As you can imagine, we have....a couple....glasses.

That's not true. We have a fully stocked barware set with everything from tulip pint glasses to a two liter boot from Spaten. You name the beer, we have the glass. We even have some we don't use often because they are a little too breakable and some we don't have out at all because they are specific to a holiday. To be honest, we've never counter the amount of glasses we have. If you can imagine once a week for 3 years, though, the 156 number is pretty close. Especially since I moved in with Scott and our collections were combined.

I know, I forgot to get a lot of these shots before I started. Trust me, though, this is progress!

So besides packing massive amounts of glass, I've also been finding new cool ways to transport softer goods. Space Bags seem a bit too good to be true for people who are moving, but they aren't. They totally hold up to the hype and are 100% awesome! I was able to fit the bed linens for the guest and master bedrooms into this guy.

This is Leels' surprised face.

And they're super fun, too. I can imagine that this would be a step that kids would enjoy in the moving process if you have any. There is also one full of all the pillows and blankets from the livingroom!

The part of the process that nobody enjoys, though, is spackling (As fun a word as it is to say!). Filling all those little holes really makes you realize just how much you had hanging on the walls! I ended up with the spackle that is pink, but turns white when it's dry. To be honest, it was the cheapest one I could find. I don't really need the color change notification of dryness to get the job done, but I suppose it's just an extra perk.

Indicated in orange is all dried spackle on our frame wall!

During all of this, I always had a bag or box waiting at around for things that were in good shape, but just needed to be donated. After two pretty full carloads, Goodwill now officially is one fish tank and a full collection of t-shirts more stocked than it was before we started!
We also heard back from our loan officer and he says....WE'RE DONE! No more paperwork to turn into him, no more signing, scanning, and e-mailing documents! Huzzah! It's nice to know that the only thing we're waiting on is a closing date. Having all the information in and settled does make us feel like this, though.

(Speaking of anxious, the girls are beginning to get suspicious. Sam and Leels have been following me from room to room as I spackle, giving me sad puppy faces the entire time. They know something is up, but they haven't figured out what yet. Thankfully, they seem to adjust well to new surroundings, so we have a plan to acquaint them to the new house when we move in. Till then, We just have to be a guilty pup parents.)

"Hey momma, need help?"

What was the worst part of your last move? Did you lose any boxes or get your moving truck stuck in a ditch (That may have happened once in my the snow....oops!). Let us know in the comments!

P.S.- Want to see what I'm pinning for the new house? Look to the right side of the screen under the blog menus and you can hover over my latest pins to get ideas, tips, and your own PINspiration!

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