Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Color of the Sun! IT BURNS!

The front room before had been, well, a little overpowering.

Picking a color to cover it, though, was not an easy task. Though the front room is well lit due to the nice big window, the hallway that is attached is not.

So I needed to find something that was going to look good in both direct light and shadow, but was calming and bright at the same time. First, I tried, Behr's Silver Setting ,a nice grey-blue, on all the walls, but unfortunately, it looked a little more purple than we had initially hoped.

It was quickly vetoed and swapped for something more green, Behr's Dynasty Celadon (who thinks up these names?!). This seemed to fit better, also, due to the fact that the window overlooks so much natural growth.

In the end, it turned out fantastic! The whole room is great to spend time in and really has a nice bright open feel. The hallway is also super swanky now, too (and oddly looks blue in the corridor and green in the main room!).

Am I right? Have you ever had issues picking a wall color? What did you end up with. My method is to try a sample in the darkest, lightest, and most neutral parts of the room first. What's yours? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Good method. Same one I use. Like the final color.