Monday, July 8, 2013

What a Twist!

Well, the quotes for the new roof came back and in the words of a Robot Chicken M. Night Shyamalan...

The seller's thought that the quote from Lowes was a bit high, but the quotes that rolled in from the two other contractors (Companies A & B) that they chose were much higher. Lowes' quote was around $6786.00 for the materials, installation, debris hall away, and a lifetime limited warranty. For around $2,000 more, other smaller companies in the area would do the installation with materials, with no clean up guarantee as part of the quote. After getting over the shock at the over $8,000 price tag that 'Company A' gave and the sellers agent saying that 'Company B' was, "too embarrassingly high to even recount" to our agent, the sellers now think that the original Lowes' quote wasn't such a bad number. I also feel confident in the roofing system Lowes presented me (in person, so fancy!), so there are better feels all around.

With the quotes rolling in, the seller's decision about who to replace the roof settled, and our home insurance purchased, we're just waiting on a closing date.

Originally, our closing date was estimated around July 19th, but since the seller wants to get rid of the house (and its subsequent mortgage payments) as quickly as possible, and we'd like to start making some modifications before we even more in, both sides are anxious to get this over with.

It also doesn't help that the apartment that we're currently squeezed into has had a broken air conditioner all weekend. We found out about an hour from me writing this that we'll be getting a brand new one, but it has taken the darn thing two years and seven repairs to finally get replaced. It's made not being able to move into the house yet that much more frustrating!

The air con on the fritz has also brought up a point that many people who enjoy renting take for granted. Yes, our new air conditioner will be free because it's the apartment's responsibility, and that's pretty sweet, except that we've been without air since Friday of last week. They couldn't get to it because it was 4 degrees cooler than the temperature they believe to be emergent. When we are in our own home, it may cost us money to have repairs/replacements done, but at least we will be able to usually get someone out the same day to look at it because there is more incentive for them to be more immediate.

Reenactment of Leela cooling off.

Currently the pups are trying to stay as cool as possible while I continue to pack things (When did we get so much breakable stuff?!). I'm a big fan of Space Bags and have managed to fill the guest bedroom with many of them and packed boxes as possible for the moment. We've also managed to take two loads of clothes and assorted neglected items to Goodwill, so that should help make the move smoother, too.

Do you have any moving tips? Tell us in the comments what packing techniques you think are the pup's pajamas! Also, why does your pup wear pajamas, I doubt it appreciates it.

But goshdarnit, so adorable!


  1. My biggest moving tips would have to be:

    Put the boxes & furniture in the room it will live in right away. Don't just throw everything in the living room. That will make you crazy.

    Write out what is in each box, not just the room it belongs to.

    #1! Unpack/set up and make your bed first thing! Trust me, it is terrible to work all day, then realize that you've got to find the sheets, set up the frame and do more work before you can go to sleep!

  2. Everything above is necessary. Plus, put necessary toiletries and towels in bathroom so you can shower when you are ready!

    And find a safe, cool, out-of-the-way place for pets & small children to stay during move. The chaos of moving everything to a new, unfamiliar place will confuse & frighten them. And they might be injured by people carrying big things who can't see the ground.

  3. I love your Leela re-enactment picture! So cute!

  4. you are getting great advice...and i also love the Leela re-enactment. one more suggestion - ensure there is beer or wine in the refrigerator/counter where it is easy to access.

  5. The best tip is labeling boxes well and putting in the room they belong. Saves tons of time and allows you to concentrate on putting together one room at a time. Set up your room and kitchen first; gotta eat & sleep. Oh, and either farm Leela and Sam out for moving day or make sure they're crated. Pets get super stressed during moves and you don't want to have to keep track of them with all the commotion going on.

    Good luck! I'm excited for you guys!!!