Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tide is High

You know what I'm getting at...

It's a nice tropical song to match the amazing weather we've been having here lately! Which is great, because work on Scott's Office is still going on. In fact, this week I felt like adding a little art to the space.

I had wanted to do a layered paper artwork for a while, but finally found some inspiration in a color scheme I found on Pinterest. I grabbed one piece of scrapbook paper in each of the colors I liked and grabbed a piece of foam board. in all (aside from the frame, this entire project costs less than $10 to do).

I ended up with 8 different pieces of paper/colors. I decided to make a wave pattern that would allow them to all overlap. I used my 2 inch hole punch flipped upside down to make the cuts.

Just line up the top of the paper about to the diameter mark and cut a hole. The pattern should start like this.

Continue this till you reach the other side. I did it on all of my pieces of paper, making sure to try to not line up each wave so that there was some random overlap. I didn't really care that mine weren't level across the paper, but you can always draw a level line and then line your hole punch up with that.

Once they were all cut, they looked like this. I lined them up so that they were stacked with each one being lower just to make sure that they looked correct.

Then I trimmed each piece of paper to make it shorter. You don't have to measure this part until you are cutting the wave that is in the front. I just kind of cut each piece of paper in half.

After lining them back up, I took some tape and taped them together to hold them in place. This can also be accomplished with glue, just don't use too much because you don't want the paper to pucker.

I made some lines to cut the whole thing down a little bit because I was trying to even out the sides. This was done by leveling the sides with the top-most wave and them drawing them parallel. Then I trimmed them with a straight edge and x-acto knife.

Once it had been trimmed, I made a 90 degree cut along the bottom to square it off a bit. Once again, I didn't measure  the height of the piece to each wave because I wanted this to look slightly hand made, but you can if that's the look you are going for. Once it was all trimmed, I flipped it back over.

I then centered it on the piece of foam board that I had already cut to fit into a frame I had laying around (Michael's has BOGO sales on their nicer poster frames all the time. The other frame I had gotten as part of the deal is holding an awesome Fifth Element poster from Etsy).

After popping it back in the frame, I hung it up in the office.

It's super simple and adds a nice happy touch of color to the room. The space is small, so this fits really well. Now if only the space was a little nicer looking. Notice the primed-but-not-painted corners of the wall.

At least we are still looking much better than we started! There aren't any good "before" pictures of it (and it's terrifyingness), but imagine a 8.5 ft by 9 ft room completely made out of wood, rim and all.

Don't even get us started on that ceiling! The ceiling might not be something we can work on at the moment, but the walls are.Yeah, don't worry, that's the next thing we're tackling as part of Scott's Office Week! Happy April everyone!

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  1. Mitch says to try a hammer and a chisel on the ceiling or just cover with 1/4 inch plywood.