Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How Fancy!

Guess what's better than longingly staring at the dining room table online?

How about it getting delivered to your house? A DAY EARLY. How awesome is that?! It was scheduled to be brought to our abode Wednesday between 9-10am, so I didn't think that the phone call I received Tuesday would have anything to do with it. It went like this:

"Hi, I'm from the Pottery Barn delivery service. We are in your area and we were wondering if you would like to have your table delivered early"

"Um, yes."

It was pretty awesome.

So two guys showed up, muscled in three pieces, put the whole thing together, and left within a 20 minute span. It was seriously that quick. They were both really polite, chatted while they worked, and left without any boot prints or trash from the packaging left behind. The only thing missing from the 'white glove' service were the white gloves!

When they left, though, they left some awesomeness in their wake. What a cool table, eh?

I love the medium brown color and the way it fits in the room. It's only 30 inches wide, so it works well in our little space. The thin, diagonal legs are great and it keeps the room feeling really open. They are also really stylish and minimal, which is a plus.

The wood is also a nice contrast against the lighter colors on the walls from both sides.

When we want to entertain, it expands to 'comfortably seat 10', which is a super bonus.

I know it's not closed, but solid wood is heavy!

But for right now, we are keeping it set to the leafless setting of 6. Unfortunately, we don't have any chairs, so our seating currently looks like this.

Not great, right? It's okay, though. That just means we can take our time and find some really cool chairs (hopefully also at a cool price). I would love to stick with the mid century feel and find something that really goes well with the table. Overstock has these guys, but they are still a little pricey for the 6 we need.

How cool are they? The lines are great, but it has a woven seat, which I'm not necessarily sold on. One of the other options I found at Scandinavian.Modern were these guys with fun orange pads.

Yowza! But for now we're just really happy to have a nice wooden base to our dining area. What do you think? Know of any chairs?....


  1. Great table !!!! is the back wall painted or papered? you know that the orange seat chairs are replicas of mom and dad's (and then my) dining room chairs. I gave the set to Uncle Sean who proceeded to break them to bits, which he claimed was from normal wear and tear. What I wouldnt give to have somehow kept them. I see small photos on the patterned wall - what are these? with the patterns, methinks they get a bit lost. But maybe that's just me. LOVE all the creativity you are putting into the house. And am not surprised :')

    1. Yes, the table is from West Elm but they are owned by Pottery Barn, so that's who does all of their delivery services, too.

  2. Hmm! Wasn't it West Elm?

    1. Yes, the table is from West Elm but they are owned by Pottery Barn, so that's who does all of their delivery services, too.