Monday, June 24, 2013

Inspector (of) Space Time!

I couldn't help myself with the title. If you aren't a fan of Community, it's one of our favorite references.

Anyway, aside from non-trademarked versions of Dr. Who, we have been watching something else today: our home inspectors findings on the new house!

It really wasn't as bad as we thought it was going to be. He was there for 3 hours, during which he crawled through the crawl space and hoofed it on the roof. Thankfully, his findings were pretty much what we expected.

+Possible drainage issues in the backyard
+Ungrounded outlets in a couple of spots
+Bad ventilation in the attic to the outside

The worst parts were:
+Plumbing under the house was done with galvanized pipes, so it needs to be replaced.
+Roof is pretty old. Probably needs to be replaced in the next 3 years.

He also pointed out a couple of things that we might want to patch or fix, just to keep us from further problems later on.

+Fix the piece of wood that catches water above the outside door
+Replace some piping where there is some corrosion
+Fix under the kitchen sink where the pipes are attached "out of order" (more on that later)

So not too bad. There are a lot of things that he brought up, none of which really surprised us, so it actually went pretty smoothly. It also made us feel pretty good to hear him say that we had one fiiiine specimen of Bedford stone! Nothing like a nice compliment like that to really make you feel better about a big purchase.

Overall, I'd say we had a great inspector and we will definitely be able to use the information he gave us for our future upkeep of the place. 

The pest inspector was also there too at the same time. He poked and prodded through the house and was able to determine...NO termite damage! Huzzah! He was also able to show me holes in the cement floor of the garage where the foundation of the house had been treated, which made me feel even better.

He did have a few warnings himself, though. One of which was that, "In Kentucky, it's not 'if' you have termites, it's 'when'", which was then followed up by a short lecture on the amount of wood surrounding the home and how there is essentially a termite feast laying in wait. The seller enjoyed her flowerbeds, as you can see, but she contained all of them using wood, which wasn't a great idea (and they're everywhere, and they're huge).

So we are thinking that they, along with the possibly termites they may bring, must go. It will really open up the yard to have them gone, though, and I'm sure that the pups will really appreciate it.

The pest inspector also pointed out that the wood surrounding the paved patio area was also of no use and could also be taken out. That was made even more apparent when we discovered that the previous owner had actually cut a hole in the wood for drainage because the wood was higher than the patio itself. They shouldn't be too difficult to get rid of though (she says crossing her fingers).

Other then that, the inspectors said things were pretty hunky dory. We received the pest inspection report immediately following the inspection and we receive our home inspection report tomorrow. Of course, as I was walking around my possible future abode, I started seeing more things I'd like to do. One of which is get rid of the cat door to the garage so Samus doesn't get her head stuck in it (Or raccoons don' find their way in...either way).

Along those lines, getting rid of the peek windows might not be a bad idea, either. The girls love to bark. By girls, I mean Leela, the basset hound. Besides, the gates aren't hung correctly, so they act more as "wall with hole" then "usable gate mechanism".

Thankfully the other side still looks pretty good. It also has a fun stain pattern that we might carry out through the rest of our fencing.

Neat, right? It might be too much to do the entire yard, though.

What do you think? Have you had better or worse inspections then this? Let us know in the comments!

TEASER: Did I mention that the master bathroom has some mirrored medicine cabinets?

It makes the room feel a little bit like this, specifically at mark 1:20:

Stay classy, Lexington!

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  1. one of my splurges when we gutted and redid our master bath was - medicine cabinet with interior mirrors. Its still one of my favorite things. and expensive. Hoping you took into account the 'expected issues' when you bid on the house. Seems you'll be making friends with some professionals in the near future! Congratulations!