Friday, June 21, 2013

Come and Knock on Our Door

Three's company, too! Or, in this case, two's company. Scott doesn't seem to share my enthusiasm for the bright orange door. He thinks it's a little too bright.

As a reminder, this is what we're (possibly) working with.

Right now, the landscape and the door color have a lot in common. They are both hushed greens. This guy is a whisper compared to what I'd like to do to it.

Yesterday I put up a post with two options that I had seen that really caught my eye. Professor Orangy and Eric the Red.

I was immediately met with a "Not THAT color orange", which I thought was odd from my husband, who has roots in Tennessee (But don't worry, graduated from the good ol' UK). He apparently was thinking of something more like this.


A more burnt color. You know, "subtle". I say "blah" on 'subtle'! So today I put forth all KINDS of options for front doors! Check out all the different colors and see what YOU think!

 Mr. Dark Green

 Mrs. Ocean Blue

Miss Leafy Green

Captain Sunshine

And if that isn't enough for you, there are so many other colors that look great that I can't even begin to describe them!

What are you thinking? I'm still a fan of the orange, but so many of these are delicious. This post seriously looks a bit like a candy store! Let us know in the comments your thoughts: subtle and boring, or bright and fun!


  1. You know I'm all about bright and fun. Scott's just boring! Mr. Dark Green up there is looking pretty sexy, I must say. Did he not even like the red? It's such a classic front door color, how could he find that offensive?

  2. I gotta side with Scott. And, not just because I'm his mother.

    Not that orange!

    I vote for TEAL like the dogs! Your bookends and your front door would coordinate!

    Or, ocean blue or leafy green.