Monday, December 7, 2015

More Welcoming, Much Wow

Before we moved in, our house had some very interesting color choices on the walls. From the horrendous yellow in the (now) dining room to the hunter green of the addition, this place was a mismatched combination of gloss paint that needed to be harmonized and matted. The worst offender of all was a color that gave me the heebie-jeebies. It adorned the walls of our kitchen as well as all the bedrooms. It was, essentially, skin color.

The slightly-pinkish-glossed tone of the paint really gave it a "wax figure museum" effect. It was a little unsettling to me, so I tried to cover it as quickly as I could in most of the rooms. The only one that hadn't really been touched yet was the guest room.

The curtains were grabbed quickly when we first moved in and have probably been around every window of the house for some amount of time. The horrible tan was still on the walls along with the almost-never-used chalkboard wall that I painted during a bored spell in this post. It was time to give this room some real attention. It needed some love.

Wanting a room to look nice and not wanting to spend much money on a transformation can really get in the way of a quick project, though. I refused to buy a $25 gallon of paint for this room. Instead, I would just check out the "Oops Paint" area at our local Lowes and Home Depots to see if they had any gallons that I liked. I've been looking for about 6 months, so I was super excited when my leisurely search paid off.

That's right: $9! For an entire gallon that was similar to the colors in the rest of the house. Huzzah! I only needed to buy some roller brushes, so this entire makeover cost less than $15. Pretty good, eh?

I was also excited to realize that we wouldn't have guests staying in our guest room for two weeks (which is quite the span for us). This gave me plenty of time to work around all the furniture in the room and put two coats on the walls.

I started with the chalkboard wall. I painted right over it. I know, chalkboard is really big right now, but it ended up making the room feel smaller and darker, which was an accomplishment for a room that has two large windows. I never really used the chalkboard wall, either, so it had to go.


It was also the easiest wall to paint because it is the most exposed to the room. The other walls would end up testing my gymnastics skills (of which I have zero). First, I took down the newest quilt my mom gave me. I didn't want to get paint on it, so I stored it in another room. I did behind the door and behind the quilt, then moved on to the next two walls.

When all was said and done, a day and a half later, it felt like a whole new room.

Things I need to complete the project:
-Fun duvet cover
-New curtains
-Clean out the guest room closet
-A millions dollars (not necessary, just appreciated)

The room actually feels bigger. The bright color really helps expand the space, which is nice with all the furniture in it. I really love how it turned out.

Have you ever moved into a house with horrible paint that you just had to cover? Let me know in the comments!

Also, stay tuned for a much anticipated review of our Halloween party (I know, a little late, sorry) and our Christmas house tour!

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  1. Have you considered blinds instead of curtains. Another option would be Roman shades? I know someone :)