Saturday, January 24, 2015

Dinga Linga Ling

To start this year, I decided to do an easy fix that would improve the look of our hallway. I really like the fresh, crisp white edging against the cool green walls, but there was always something that was a bit off.

Off white, that is.

I decided to fix this the easiest and cheapest way possible. I just took the face plate off the wall.

A quick primer and paint, and it was fixed.

It's amazing how such a little project can have a big impact. The off white color always drew my eye, and now it just blends right in.

It was also kind of fun seeing its inner workings (and previous paint colors).

White, pink, yellow, and finally, green.

So there you go. The whole thing took about an hour (including dry time), but I love how it turned out. The doorbell still works fine, so we didn't want to replace it anytime soon. I think this little fix will last for years to come.

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