Monday, December 15, 2014

Falling Behind On Posts

Merry Christmas! Too bad this post isn't about Christmas at all. In fact, it's a post I've been meaning to write since Fall. Oops. Better an entire season late then never!

When we last left our living room, it looked a little something like this.

It wasn't bad. Very cozy. But the lack of storage always bothered me. I had posted before that the idea of putting up some shelves had always been on my mind for that corner. See Figure 1.b

This is probably Fig. 1.b...

So last month, I got the DIY Itch and a little tired of the hidden stack of DVDs that we had been hiding behind the couch in the corner. I went to Home Depot and grabbed a 6x10 board and cut it into four equal parts. I did not finish them in any way. I was so indecisive about how they should look, I actually decided to just not do anything at all. Easy McPeasytown.

I found six brackets from some old shelves Scott had in his old apartment in the garage. BAM! FREE! I measured out the height by eyeballing it, making sure to leave enough space for DVDs and books to stand up. I then went back with a level and marked where to mount the brackets. Everything was attached to the wall (in studs) in less than 30 minutes. The whole thing made me feel stupid for putting it off for so long.

It was awesome being able to put our hidden treasures out where we could see them. We haven't watching a DVD in months because we honestly didn't know which ones we even had. Now we can glance, check em out, and start watching.

It also helps balance out the window on the other side of the TV. That was always something that had bothered me when the wall was empty. Overall, I'd say this $16 project paid off. Plus, nothing feels better than scratching something off of a 'To Do' list!

Now back to your regularly scheduled holiday.

Merry Christmas!

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