Monday, May 12, 2014

Sank you, Doctor

If you're not picking up what I'm putting down:

One of the first things we did when we moved in was paint our door. We really like the color, but always felt that something was missing.

I try to make sure to put up wreaths, but I don't have anything for most seasons, so it stays bare. It's a nice color, but it's also the first thing people see when they enter my home. I felt that there was a missed opportunity to display something that really reflected our personalities.

About a year or two ago, I was walking through Anthropologie when I spotted the coolest (and most adorable) door knocker I had ever seen.

I am a big rabbit fan, so this little guy immediately spoke to me. I picked it up and checked the price. $40 seemed like a bit much and wasn't in our current budget for essentially a decoration, so I sadly put it down and left it behind.

In the past few months, I have been searching the interwebs for other cool options, wondering if I might find something else that would strike my fancy at a lower price point. This one was interesting and would be cool on any modern home.

On Pinterest I found a woodpecker, lobster, and clauddagh that caught my eye. The lobster especially, since it felt fun and connected me to some of my Florida roots.

None of these options compared to the little hare that had grabbed my attention in the first place, though. Our front door remained lonely.

Then the most amazing thing happened! I was visiting with my family recently and it happens to be around my birthday, so they gave me my gift early. It was my little hoppy friend! It might seem like an odd birthday gift, but I can't even explain how elated I was about getting a door knocker for my birthday.

The details on him are what really bring the look home. I love the choppy cuts in to the metal for the fur.  The face is just as adorable. Simple and stylized, but with great lines and....just look at that face!

He kind of looks like he's a riding skeleton in the Olympics. Too bad he got the bronze! (Ba dum, bing!)

It didn't come with hardware, so I had to go to Home Depot and grab some brass screws to attach him to the door. I then just mounted him at the top where someone had previously taken down a door knocker. I leveled the bottom hole, then drilled the second screw. Installation was a breeze.


I wish I entered my house more from the front door now, just so I could see him more often. He really steals your heart as you enter the house. Our entry that looked like this.

Please ignore lack of gardening
Now is just a little more inviting like this.

Notice the duck on the roof. I told you the door knocker was inviting!

Our only worry was the storm door. We weren't sure he would fit under the glass. Thankfully, there is more room between the doors than we remembered.

Though he's a little hard to see in the photos due to the reflection, it's not as bad in real life.

To add to our little welcome area, we want to replace our dying doorbell at some point, as well as adding some stylish sconce lights around the door to more evenly light the space. So far we have our eye on these.

So what do you think? Is having a fun little door knocker worth it or do you like a basic one just as much for your home? Are there other ways that you can make your entry more inviting? Let us know in the comments!

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