Monday, December 9, 2013

Stool Pigeon

This may not be a 'knock your socks off' post, but it still is a change around the house, so I figure it should still be counted.

I'd wanted to do something to our bar stools. We've had them ever since I moved into the old apartment with Scott, so they've seen better days. They aren't in terrible shape, but they were a little lackluster. I figured that some new fabric on the seats would do the trick. I started with these.

They were $13 each from Target when we first got them, but I haven't seen them in the store since. They are pretty simply designed, I just really didn't like the plain pleather dark brown tops.

I found a remnant at Hancock Fabric for $5 for 2 yards, so I picked it up. It is made for upholstery, so it's pretty hearty and I know it will stand up to being sat on frequently (people use these stools all. the. time.)

I started by flipping over the first stool and taking it apart. This step might not be exactly the same for every type of stool, but the main principle is still there. There should be four screws that come out and release the seat portion so it comes right off. It makes the entire process a breeze.

Then, I just used a staple gun to staple the fabric up under the cushion so it was snugly pulled across the top of the seat. Reattach the cushion to the legs and you're done! Here is a close up of the fabric I chose.

And here is the first stool next to the second. It's not a huge difference, but the texture adds just what they needed.

There you have it! A quick fix for the stools that you might have just chilling out at your home. You can go crazy with the fabric, or even take some paint to the legs and change the look entirely. With just recovering the tops (because I didn't take off the original pleather), this update only took about 15 minutes. Imagine the possibilities if you wanted to get super creative!

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